I/O Magic IDVD16DL at Staples Benq DQ60

The I/O Magic IDVD16DL at Staples today for $20 after rebate turns out to be a Benq DQ60 β€œGREC” firmware made Dec. 05 made in China. Thought I would buy one to see if they were still BTC drives. Read so much bad press about the DQ60 I dont know it I should keep it or not.? Is β€œB” firmware available? Couldn"t find any on Benq site. What do you think I should do? :confused:

DQ60?? Oh good thing they were OOS or I would grab one thinking it would be a 1640. Actually they did not even have it in stock, when they first opened, I ran to the isle and nothing was on the shelf. Lots of folks surrounded the playo deal, to me they are just Yuk

I was hoping for a 1640 too.