I/o magic external usb 2.0 - trying to take drive out - pls help

hey everyone, if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. I have this external usb 2.0 cdrw from i/o magic. I want to take out the cdrw drive and put in my lite on dvdrw 411s.

My problem is I can’t see how to open the external drive casing to get the drive out. Can anyone help me???

I can’t see for the life of me how to get the drive out!

thanks in advance!!


ok I finally got it after 1 hour fiddling with it! thanks anyway!!

ok so I got the top off now I can’t get the drive out!!! ARGGGGGHHH! any suggestions anyone?? thanks!


Some cases screw the rom down from the side, and some from underneath. check to see if there are any screws underneath.

it appears there are screw underneath holding it however they are completed covered from the casing so no easy access to get to them. :frowning:

Foosdaddy, can you post your experience of openning the case? Thanks.
Edit: never mind, got it in 10min.

If you peel of the big Sticker (black I think it is). you can get to the screws that way - enjoy!