I/O Magic DW1655 ( Benq ) questions ? I just found the last one at my Staples

The drive was completely sealed in a clear bag. Before I purchased I popped the box open at the bottom and was able to confirm that the label was a BENQ 1655 made in April 2006, with a White Bezel (more on that later).
I have yet to pop it in my PC yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a couple of questions and a comment.

1.) I had read somewhere on other forums (but not definitively) that certain 1655 manufacture dates had more problems than others. Is April 2006 one of these dates ???

2.) Under the manufacture date it says : BC-AC 1 GBA / HOA/ GCGB
Is GCGB the firmware and if so do I still need to crossflash or is this a true BENQ firmware? If I need to crossflash, which 1655 Benq firmware is considered the most stable or best performer ???

3.) Is the latest crossflash program, version 0.7 ???
I’m a lttle skitish at screwing up my new prize posession, I have to make
sure that I am doing this properly.

Thanks in advance for the answers. Anyway for any one who has a white Bezel for their 1655, but a black PC like myself and can’t find a Black IO Magic 1655 drive in the stores… JUST GET THE WHITE ONE. I just called IO Magic and gave them the part number and they are sending out a black Bexel free of charge via priority mail. So don’t pass up the white one if you see it…

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The manufacturer date shouldn’t be a problem.
GCGB does relate to f/w.
If you want full access to SolidBurn etc via QSuite. Then crossflashing will be necessary. BCIB is a good one, however because of size of file if you want to use ala42’s MCSE then you’ll have to stick with BCDB/BCHB f/w’s.This of course voids warranty.
The link to Quikee’s BQFlasher in my sig gives all the info needed. Including in the first post a link to my flashing guide.
I suggest you try out the drive first to how it performs. You may want to leave it as it is for now.

GCGB = BCGB except GCGB is the OEM version of firmware and I personally prefer BCGB. I would not go past that firmware. I would not update to anything newer than BCGB unless they launch a better BCJB firmware. But the question is: How important is QSuite to you?? If it is not important, then I say dont do anything to it.

Thank You Zebadee and ghetocowboy for the info. I will follow.

Much appreciated. Let the burning begin.

One More Question…

If I use BQ Flasher, and have NERO 6.0.14 installed, and I am already running QSuite for my Benq 1640.

Will this have an effect on how it is flashed. Would it mean I already have the NERO ASPI file ???

Hi :slight_smile:
The way that Quikee’s BQFlasher works, means that you would need the winaspi32.dll in the same folder. Just drag & copy the Nero one.

zebadee and ghetocowboy, thank you for all your help. And thank you Quickee for creating the Flasher program.

I crossflashed to “BCIB”. Check out this first burn.

I am surprised that even though this MCC04 is known media - it burned pretty well :clap:

This MCC04 disc by the way, is from the controversial Best Buy “NetFlix Verbatim”, which in this case were the good “PAPA” code - I know others have been getting a newer code with poor burns.

This 1655 drive is silky smooth when opening and closing and is very quiet. I just got the black bezel from IO Magic, so now I am even happier with my purchase now that the drive will match my Dell system.

WOPC was On. Solid Burn was On. Overspeed was On (although burned at 8x) :iagree:

P.S. - How do i make the burn pictures appear directly in the post.

untitled 1655 First Burn mcc 04.pdf (81.5 KB)

Hi :slight_smile:
Just scroll down & click on ‘Manage Attachments’.
Click on ‘Browse’ & find file, then click OK.
Click ‘Upload’.
Once this is complete, close window.
Then either ‘Preview Post’ &/or ‘Submit Replu’.

Thanks, I figured it out, it is because I posted a PDF file instead of a small JPEG. The PDF has to be clicked on to view it. The jpeg does not.

Here is the first burn.

Hi :slight_smile:
Set to save as .png file. It will give even better clarity.

BTW very good scan you’ve got there. :clap: