I/O Magic DVD +/-R/RW Burner Slows Down my whole CPU

I have an I/O Magic DVD +/-R/RW 8x drive i bought about six months ago. here’s a link to the product, just in case


i’ve burned many dvds without any problems up until about a month and a half ago when I noticed that my drive slowed down my cpu up significantly when it was in use. the hard drive LED light stays on flickering and everything slows down. i temporary sloved the problem by cleaning the lense with a lense cleaner but it started up again 2 days ago and the lense cleaning is no longer working. i use nero to burn my dvds and the Underrun protection signal fluctuates between 100 and 0% during a burning process.

does any one know what’s could be the problem?


I think I know what the problem is. Most probably, DMA isn’t enabled for your writer or IDE channel. In most cases this is just a common Windows setting. Go to the control panel, open the properties of your IDE channel and set the DMA setting from PIO mode to DMA. Reboot and everything should work.

If the DMA mode is already set, try to access the computer’s BIOS and see what’s going on there. Some mainboards have DMA disabled by default, yielding problems in Windows.

thanks dee, it worked