I/O Magic Burner $39.99 AR @ Circuit City

Anyone know what drive this might be?

I/O Magic Drive at CC

I think the latest ones people have got are BemQ 1670 drives. Not so good so far.
I spose you could just get one and either have them open it for you or buy it and open it in the lot, if it’s one you dont like return it.
There should be some Staples threads about that drive.

The box in the add is different from the staples says 16x and 8xDL. I am not sure except the box from the bq1670 is different.

Well they use a lot of diferent drives so I spose it could be the dreaded BTC or a LiteOn too. The threads also tell how to tweak the box to see what kind of packing is inside as BenQ and Litey use diferent colored bags I guess.
I spose somebody could just buy one…:bigsmile:

The Model of the I/O magic is 168DD for the BenQ 1670 it says dual format (has DVD-RAM) and 8X dual layer burning. If it is an older model, then it is BenQ 1640

You have to pay $80+tax in hope that you get $40 rebate back I don’t this this is a deal to be considered.

read this thread, prolly a better choice for you