I/O Magic burn quality interpretation

I burned a dvd with my new i/o magic drive and I tested the burn quality with nero. Is this graph good? It doesn’t seem good to me. Is it the media or the drive, or is this acceptable?

The drive is a I/O Magic 16x (BTC 1016im) with firmware a07m. The media is Yuden000t02. This is good media I think. So the drive must be not doing its part? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Can you return a drive that you’ve already used to Staples?

That looks like a pretty good quality result to me. MUCH better than what I am getting, yet mine are still playable.

How bad can a dvd be before it won’t work at all? Does it depend on the drive?

Your PI should be less than 280, but is OK to spike that high here and there. Your PO (PI Failure) should be less than 30, but OK to spike above that here and there. So you are WAY in the safe zone.

My DVD Player (Toshiba SD4800) will play my disks which have PI error of 600+ without problems, so a good player will play even poor quality burns.

I bascially was judging the quality by the quality score. So 78 is ok? Does that mean that about 1/4 of the dvd is messed up, or is the score relative. It couldn’t be 1/4 wrong and still work could it?

I never go by that score. I go more by the data in the graphs. If you compare your results to others posted here and in other forums, you will find that your result is a good deal better than most. Excellent, actually. Your disk should play on just about any system that supports +R.

As a comparison, here is what I get with GQ brand 8x +R disks from Fry’s. As you can see, these are TERRIBLE results. Yet it still plays on my home theater DVD player (Toshiba SD4800).

Now, here is what I get from Fujifilm brand disks, which cost about $0.05 more per disk than the GQ Brand:

Clearly, I will never buy GQ brand again!!

I thought my drive was crap, but more to the point, my MEDIA was crap. Of course, BTC is sort of crap is since it does so poorly with some media whereas other drives will still be able to use them.

So it’s best to try any reputable media you can to find which is best for the drive you’re using.

Huh, just noticed we both used the same media! (Yuden000 t02). For me, that was Fujifilm brand. So I plan to continue to buy Fujifilm and never EVER buy GQ brand again!

Good media works good for all burners. Don’t buy crappy media it’s not worth trying. Might be cheaper but you get what you pay for with media.

Yes, I to have learned from the less expensive media, it is just better to get the quality media in order to get good consistent burns . :a