I/O magic, btc or opto-rite, dvd-burner

For those of you that have experience with any of these manufacturers, which drive is better for those that got in on the I/O Magic 8x4x12x drive for either 50-100 bucks. Should I be looking to get the btc version or the opto-rite version. I understand that they are both cheapies but which one is better, stability, compatibility, speeds, etc.


Give me the OptoRite (Accesstek) any day…mine kicks. It records at 8x on my 4X memorex media, the BTC 1008 didn’t.

The Accesstek also supports HD Burn.

do not buy anything made by BTC
their stuff is complete garbage

I got the optorite, however it will not flash to the newest firmware, it is seen as “generic 8xmax” drive by the flasher.
Any way around this?


Yes, the Optorite model is better than the BTC one, but I wouldn’t touch either in a rebadged I/O Magic box. I/O Magic is quite fameous for not paying up the rebates, so unless you are lucky or extremely persistent, don’t be fooled by the after mail-in rebate price.

RE; i/o Magic dvd burner dual format 8X
How does one tell (without opening box) if they have a Opto-rite or BTC burner?
Mine is bundled with Pinnacle software.

According to this thread, if the I/O Magic box is shrink-wrapped, then it’s the Optorite DD0401, otherwise, the plain box is BTC DRW1008IM.

O.K. good, it looks like if it is shrink wrapped, then I got the Opto-Brite, not the BTC.
So, now if I open it, is there a way to tell for certain before I install it?

Typically, the tag on the case will show an actual model number, so look for either DD0401 (Optorite) or DRW1008IM (BTC). Once you open the box, you can still install it, if you don’t mind going through the hassles. Of course, you will be able to determine by looking at it through Device Manager and/or firmware version. You can check for Optorite’s firmware version here or BTC’s version here. Also, Optorite’s front physical appearance is very distinct compared to BTC & other manufacturers. Here is the DD0401.

So now, thinking that I have an Opto-rite because it was shrink wrapped, I opened the package.
It doesn’t look like the Optorite picture that KTL posted with the curved door. I have the sinking feeling that it is a BTC. This is what it says on it;
s/n p10351015112


Manufactured by Top G (Top Glory Electronics Co).

Magicspin Model Number 1008IM

What do I have?


Well, looking at the ‘1008IM’, that IS a BTC. Lastly, all serial numbers that BTC uses starts with a ‘P’, AFAIK. Before considering it junk, you may want to read the BTC forum and check on what people say about the drive.

Thanks KTL

So everyone be warned, Shrink wrapping does NOT mean that you have an Optorite vs a BTC.