I/O Magic(BTC 1016IM) Firmware Quality Tests (93%)

This is an I/O Magic IDVD16DD rebadged BTC 1016IM drive I picked up at Staple’s Black Friday sale.
Everyone around here is saying the BTC drives are crap and I didn’t completely believe that. Well, it seems new firmware does help. Read on for testing and my thoughts.

All tests were done with Teon DVD+R 8x media at 8x speed. This was the rebate deal I bought the same day.

Older A071 Firmware
Nero ‘Creating Data Disc’ with Disc Quality Test - 30% Quality
Started at 98% and went downhill after the test was 10% complete.

26 AVI XviD files, average 180mbs each, 4.3gbs total. - No Data
Nero 6. ISO 9660+Joliet, Max of 31 Chars (Level 2) (First time burning a DVD.)
Only the first half of the files were accessible and the rest temporarilly made the drive choke until it gave up. Nero Quality Test was unable to run as well WMP/Winamp/Windows Explorer would lock up until the drive gave up trying to read the disc. It did the same in my old Philips CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive.

26 AVI XviD files, average 180mbs each, 4.3gbs total. - 50% Quality
Nero 6. UDF/ISO with defaults.

Same Discs burnt with A071 retested with Newer A07J Firmware
Nero ‘Creating Data Disc’ with Disc Quality Test - 40% Quality (10% Better)

26 AVI XviD files, average 180mbs each, 4.3gbs total. - 5% Quality
Nero 6. ISO 9660+Joliet, Max of 31 Chars (Level 2) (First time burning a DVD.)
Reads the entire DVD just fine now. The test confirms my suspicions. The graph shows the slow progression of a good burn at the beginning of the disk and absolutely horrible at the end.

26 AVI XviD files, average 180mbs each, 4.3gbs total. - 57% Quality (7% Better)
Nero 6. UDF/ISO with defaults.
Interesting that it went up a little.

Basically what the tests are showing so far is the newer firmware is better at reading and error correcting. As of right now, I see no point in reburning with the A07J firmware for more quality since it is the same revision of writing methods.(The second character in the firmware, 0 versus the newest firmware with 1.)

Reburned and tested with Newest A17J Firmware
Nero ‘Creating Data Disc’ with Disc Quality Test - 93% Quality

(I did not reburn my ISO 9660+Joliet, Max of 31 Chars (Level 2) experimental disc because I need the rest for more important data backup.)

26 AVI XviD files, average 180mbs each, 4.3gbs total. - 95% to 75% Quality
Nero 6. UDF/ISO with defaults.
It was riding on 95% quality until the scan hit 1626mbs and a major error on the disk caused the quality to fall to 0%. It did the same at about 2400mbs. Otherwise it stayed at a minimum of 75% for the rest of the scan. Not sure if that is a hardware or media related for the spiking. Definitely better than the previous 50%/57%.

Is the BTC 1016IM total crap? No, but it isn’t the best drive out there. I am quite please with the firmware update and it shows BTC it putting forth effort to make their drives worth the money. Some higher quality media would probably help to make the results better, but I couldn’t resist the $3 40-pack deal. I don’t feel a need to return/exchange this drive anymore, especially to ‘downgrade’ to the 2.4x DL of the BenQ.(I know it is flashable to higher.) Hopefully BTC releases even better revisions of their firmware. By the way, about 8:30 to burn a DVD+R at 8x. Before the upgrade to the newest, about 7:30.
The trend here shown is that once the drive was getting past the initial 10% of the drive is was crapping out for burning. The newest firmware fixes that problem.

Who cares about 8x. Most drives can do 8x perfectly.

Show me some 16x writes and quality results…

@OC-Freak, I tried a MCC004 at 16X, but the burn speed dropped near the end (didn’t reach full 16X speed).

/me thinks this should be in the BTC forum. :iagree:

I would still say that BTC is vastly inferior to the likes of the ‘Big 3’ (NEC, BenQ, and Pioneer) and they still aren’t as good as Plextor, LiteOn, and Sony. But it’s good that they aren’t total crap anymore, merely average, since BTC drives are very popular with OEMs and anytime a popular OEM product isn’t total crap, it’s the Joe Sixpack endusers who buy products like that who win.

I have this drive, bought a week ago from BestBuy. It says on the box its a IDVD16DD.
I have a question…
At the back of the box it says THE FOLLOWING WRITE SPEEDS:
DVD+R = 16X
DVD-R = 16X (true?)
DVD+RW = 8X (true?)
DVD+R DL = 4X (true!?)

Im wondering, right now i have the A173 Firmware and im using VAKOSS DVD+R 1-8X media… Im only able to write at 8x, the Nero OEM that came with the drive only goes up to 8X with this media. I know it says 8X on the dvd but i heard that a couple dvd+rs that say 8x u could burn at 12 or even 16x. Is the media im using causing this ?? It was the cheapest at bestbuy (25 spindle for 15$) or is it my drive?

Are those speeds for real? (dvd-r dvd+rw and dvd+r DL?

Will I be able to burn at 16X wit maybe another media? Will I be able to burn 4x DL?

Should I go and exange my drive to a HP DVD630I or a DRU710A? (both 8x dvd-r and 2.4 +rDL) They’re also 30 dolars cheaper (99$ each instead of 130 i paid for my IDVD16DD).
Please help, dont flame :slight_smile:

Is the media im using causing this ?? It was the cheapest at bestbuy

You bet :wink:

You need extra high quality media like Taiyo Yuden to be able to obtain speeds higher than what the discs are certified for.

Or you could just grab some Verbatim 16x DVD+R discs - they should be available around as well.

My computer freezes sometimes and i have to restart, sometimes works after reboot, sometimes i have to reboot again. I dunno, might be the media… my pc is an athlon 2400+ 256mb 333mhz 60gb HD… honestly, should i return this IDVD16DD and get a BenQ? If so, which benQ? other choices would be HP idvd630 or sony dru710

Most of us are not saying that the drive is crap. We are saying that there are better drives out there for the same, or slightly higher price. Personally, I would rather own the drive that gives me the best burning quality.

I am happy that the burning quality has improved for you with the new firmware. But it is still not as good as the NEC or BenQ drives. Is it really worth saving a few dollars?