I/O Magic (BenQ 1655 OEM) 42.00

I just bought an I/0 Magic rebadged BenQ 1655 for 43.00 out the door that is including Tax. The sale was 49.99 I used the 12% coupon and an Ink cartidrige (3.00). There is a very easy way to tell the BenQs from the Liteons. If you push up the flaps on the bottom of the box the BenQs will be in clears bags and the Lightons will be in Pink Bubble wrap. This is for sure. I opened 10 of them. Anyway since I already have a retail 1655 that I paid 69.99 for when they first came out, I couldn’t pass this up. I was going to buy a 1650 but this will do. It also came with a Nero OEM disc and a Power to DVD disc.I think its a good deal.

since you never mentioned the store, i’ll go ahead and inform everyone that you mean it’s from STAPLES

this news sucks…i’m going to stpales tomorrow…i really hope my store doens’t have any. i shouldn’t be spending more money on burners. i’m just so afraid that my 1640 is going to become obsolete as far as firmware updates and whatnot, and this is as good a price as any for the 1655…

Yes, Reasonrules, I forgot to mention the store, thankyou for that. I just crossflashed it to a 1650, not the 1655, and it is working great. I already have a 1655 in my stable and wanted to try the 1650 firmware, this is going to be as good as it gets, even if Newegg has the 1650 for 39.99 + 4.00 shipping it will be the same thing.

when i have new toys you can be sure i’ll be playing with them.

if i bought one of these i’d have to get a pack of lightscribe discs to fool around with even though i have no practical purpose for wanting or using a lightscribe drive.

keeping my fingers crossed that my staples is sold out and i don’t have to make any decisions haha

Make sure you push up the bottom flaps of the box, do not buy it if the bag is pink. If it is clear it will be a BenQ 1655.

here’s a question for you if you have your receipt handy…did they take off the 12% first or the $3 first?

the last time i asked if they could take the 12% THEN the $# as it results in a better deal (not by a whole lot, but still…)

i was told it was impossible, but i think the cashier was aggravated with me for having os many coupons. i didn’t want to push my luck in case they pulled the “only one offer per transaction” thing, but i just wanted to see what they did for you…

I guess I have to walk over to staples and buy that eventhough I doubt I’ll use the lightscribe feature.

I used a ten dollar off coupon that I found on a thread (can’t remember where) and the 12% off coupon and they took both. $35 +tax out the door.
Istill have a zip file of the $10 off coupon, I’ll try to post it if i can figure out how.

I shop at this particular Staples alot and the manager did not even blink an eye in taking the 12% coupon and the ink cart. in the same purchase. Last week I had a 20.00 coupon that I used with an ink cart. coupon and they said nothing.I think it all depends on how particular they want to be. I had a problem in Best buy once with two coupons, and the manager stuck to his guns so its all who you get as a cashier.

I’ll give it a try.

staples.zip (93.9 KB)

Does this come with different face plates? If it doesn’t is it a beige drive? Thanks


this drive has been lighting up the wallet for 3 days. bottom line is u can get a 1655 for $34.00. 12% coupon plus there is a $10.00 off $30.00 coupon. net $34.00 (no reabtes) for a 1655 both beige and black faceplates.

Mine did not come with a black face plate, just beige.

thats odd. but you can get a black faceplate for free. email i/o magic @ faceplates@iomagic.com or faceplate@iomagic.com, (taken fom previuos thread).

does anybody know what lite on model this is.


wobble you are great thank you for the coupon.

thanks cmisenko

Mine didn’t come witha black faceplate either.

I used the 12% coupon

Alan do you have access to this %12 customer satisfaction coupon by any chance?, thanks.