I/O Magic/Aopen/Ricoh/NEC - ITS A MUTANT!



hey everybody, i just got some dvd burners, so im a n00b in this arena. was out getting memorex 2.4 on clearance at OD for $80, and the last one i got ended up having a freaking CD burner in the box (someone had returned it after making the swap). Well they felt bad and gave me a comparable I/O Magic drive for the same price.

so i looked for info on it, and couldn’t find a single thing. so i decided to open it up, and it says i got an AOPEN DVRW2412PRO. did some more reasearch, and find that this is a rebadged Ricoh MP5120A, which is yet again a rebadged NEC drive…is this correct? so in essence i have an I/O magic rebaged as an AOpen rebadged as a Richo rebadged as an NEC? sooooo confusing

onto my questions. is this a good drive for $80? which model of firmware should i update it with? (aopen, richoh, nec) etc, so i can use it with 4x media. and just any other feedback on the drive.

thx for any help


No, Ricoh drives are not made by NEC. Yours is just a rebadged Ricoh.