I/O Magic 16X DVD Firmware Upgradable?

Is there a better Firmware for my I/O Magic 16X DVD other than the version 1.0 ( labled OEM316B ) that came with the DVD Drive ?

I am interested in Read Quality improvements or even just to convert it to Region Free .

Also is it known who the “True” manufacturer of the drive is and if that manufacturers firmware will work ?

Thanks in Advance …

Most likely this one is made by another company.

Tried searching for 316B (looks like samsung maybe?) but I did not get any clear hints on what it could be.

Remember that posting links to modified (like patched regionfree firmwares) firmwares is not allowed here.

Ahhhh, I think I found it: latest formware for OEM316B is version 1.0 (this is the one you have I guess?)

The drive is a BTC 316B.