I/O Magic 16x dvd burner: How to tell what you're getting

I purchased a I/O Magic 16x dual format dvd burner recently and there seems to be confusion about what drive they put in the box. I/O Magic puts two different drives into their boxes: a btc and a benq. The Benq is the one you want. I got a Btc 1016im and I will give information about the box to help. The box is 11.25" x 8" x 4.125" for the btc drive. I am unsure of the exact dimensions of the benq, but I know it is smaller. My btc came with nero and power dvd 5. Here are some pix of the box to help you identify the drive. The firmware revision is an easy way to tell. There is a sticker on the top of the box that says, “F: A07F Manufactured 2004/11.” This identifies a btc drive. I’m not saying the btc drive is trash, it does work for me, but I’ve heard that the benq is better. Hope this helps someone.

Sorry, I had trouble uploading the pictures. Here they are. And here is a quality scan from cd-dvd speed of the btc 1016im on 8x yuden000t02 media too. Also, the firmware on newer I/O magic drives they’re selling is probably newer also. The most current firmware as I write this is A07M. The Btc also burns cds at 48x and the benq burns at 40x.

There have been several posts already. The fastest, easiest 2 ways is that the BTC shows 48x for CD-R spec where the Benq has 40x.

Also, the picture of the Benq has 4 industry icons above the eject button and the led next to the button. The BTC has 16x over the eject button and the led way over to the left (about of the1/3 way in.)