I/O Magic 16x (BenQ DW1620) problem

I recently bought an I/O Magic 16x DVD Burner. I used DVD Shrink to rip my DVD and Nero 6 to burn it. I also tried using Easy DVD Creator, expensive media, cheap media. The DVD won’t play in my Samsung M301 player, but runs fine in my friend’s Apex DVD player. I went and bought a cheap DVD player and it still doesn’t play. Any thoughts.

The m301 is suposed to read +r and -r
You might want to read some of the coments on that link to see if others had problems with that player.
A couple of things to look at. What kind of media are you using (what is the media code which is the true manufacture)? Perhaps the burns are marginal in quality and that is causing the problem. Use this free program to read the media code.
See if cdspeed is compatible with your drive and test the burn
I think your drive bitsets by default (increases the compatibility of dvd+r) but check into bitsetting and make sure. Try searching the benq forum for info on that
Just a few things to look at. It could be that it just doesn’t like the way your burner burns. What was the cheap player?

The firmware on the I/O I bought was pretty old, check it update. That might help.

New movies out today got to run and get them. Bye