I/O Magic 16x at Target = BENQ1620 comes w/ retail B7C9 firmware

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Updated the title with the XP Pro device manager drive description.

Whats the price?

Right now it is at the normal every day $99, they always have sales or % coupons off store wide.
Or try to purchase an out of stock DVD disc, and get the rain check form, fill it out with very limited words like DVD or DVD drive, then use the rain check to get -40% off the I/O - benq later.
I did not personally do this but it is known at slickdeals that Target does have a very liberal rain check policy

How do you get 40% off with a rain check? Does that mean another drive is on sale? Please clarify.

It is my understanding that when Target has any product on sale and they run out during that sale, they will offer a rain check. Target also understands that at times while you wait for the rain check to be filled you may not be able to wait for the product to be restocked. So once the rain check arrives, you can use that towards an similar product and get 40% off the regular price of that product. Hence, the reason to be limited with the wording while filling out the rain check. Just be vague, look for a sale on DVD players and find one that is out of stock, just be vague when you fill in the rain check, like: DVD Drive

Or you could go to Pricewatch and get the drive delivered for $63. The average price for this drive is around $70.

Starting tomorrow, Staples will have the IOMagic 16x DVD burner for $60 AR. Unless you have a store near you, you may end up getting a BTC drive instead if ordering online.

Yep…checked at the Staples here in Champaign, IL…its not Benq…but the one at Target is! :slight_smile:

Does I/O magic still bundle the BenQ with an IDE cable of the type that BenQ says NOT to use? I wonder. Did anybody get an obsolete 40 wire cable in their I/O Magic box? Well, if you get some quirky behavior with your I/O Magic rebrand, then chances are it’s their cable. :wink: Heads up!

I had gotten the 40-conductor IDE cable in the IOMagic box when I got the drive from CC. The plastic bag hasn’t been opened yet, as I had 80-conductor cables in the system already. :slight_smile:

I work at Staples and I can tell you guys that the rebadged BenQs are pretty much gone. It’s the BTC drives in the I/O Magic boxes these days.

I happened to have been sly enough to have hidden a BenQ drive when we got down to our last one recently and I bought it as a gift for myself on Christmas Eve. I’ve checked with friends who work at other stores thoughout the US and Canada and not a single one of them has seen a BenQ drive with the new shipments…its all BTC now it seems :frowning:

At least I jumped in on this and got the last one we had hehe

Actually 2 I/O drives that were purchased from CC did NOT have a single ribbon cable…which I thought was strange.

I know that most if not all CC’s I/O’s are BENQ drives. Staples may have a different distributor.

Same here. My CC IO Magic was a BenQ (I made sure of it before buying) but there was no cable in the box.

mpsan…you got a cableless box as well…very strange not to have a cable.

Yeah…I did not need one with all the extra ones I have from ATA133 Drives I bought for my ReplayTV’s, but was surprised to hear people talking about a cable that came with it.

my target has 7 i/o magic all benqs.

How do you know if they are BTC’s or BenQ’s? Is there a way of telling by looking at the box or the label on the box? :slight_smile: PLEASE EXPLAIN.

Its been mentioned quiet a few number of times in other threads on this forum.

The I/O Magic (rebadged BenQ) box is smaller when compared to the (rebadged BTC) box.

The main differentiator is the DVD+R DL speed rating. Its 2.4x for the BENQ and 4x for all other rebadged I/O Magic drives.