I/O Magic 16x at Circuit City = BENQ1620



For all those that are interested. This also comes with NERO OEM suite sofware.


Picked one up today from there($59 AR). Got a BENQ1620 with the G firmware. I followed the instructions on the site and it now has B7P9.

This drive works soo much better then the Lite-on 811s it replaced.


I too picked one up at CC during lunch break today, and made sure the box indicated only 40x CD-R burn, unlike CompUSA, which had 48x CD-R burn. I saved another $12 by having them match the 10% off coupon from BB that’s available from today until Saturday. I may try and see if CC would do another adjustment for the instant $10 saving from CompUSA, bringing it down close to $40 AR. :slight_smile: