I/O Magic 16x $59.94! @ staples.com


The pic is the BTC drive. I would go to the store and see if they got the BenQ drive and ask for the online price.

Stupid question (sorry) - how would I know if it is the BenQ drive?

I bought the I/OMagic drive a couple weeks ago, it worked for a week then died. I exchanged it, and even though the package was the same, it was a different drive (shows as a DD1601 now).

I had nothing but troublw with the first drive (coasters, then died), the one I have now is MUCH better (PI average around 10).

no stupid questions… only stupid people giving you answers :wink: . the benq i/o magic drives all have slower writing specs than the btc. most importnat is to look for 2.4x dl on side of box. thats the benq. the 4x dl is the btc. plus the benq drive is a smaller package. good luck.

In addition, make sure the CD-R speed indicates 40x, as that would be the Benq, unlike 48x from the BTC.

If you’ve received a $15 off $75 coupon, you might be able to stack it also, making it a better deal!

Fastest way is to look at picture of drive on box, also Benq may update specs if changes firmware.

  1. Benq shows multiple industry labels above eject button, BTC has one.

  2. Indicator led is next to eject button on Benq, way over to left on BTC.