I/O error



I have a Matshita DVD-RAM SW 9574S DVD drive that has suddenly stopped working.
I am running XP SP3
The dive has been working well since I had it but suddenly refused to
recognize a disc.
The message Drive is not accessible because of an I/O device error.
The device manager says the drive is working OK
Does anyone know how to fix this or to determine if this is a
hardware error.
Any help would be appreciated.


Do you have this problem only with a single specific disc or with every disc you try? If this issue is with only a single disc, the most probable cause is a scratched or dirty disc. Cleaning the disc can improve readability, but a too large scratch often make a disc totally unreadable. Try to read that specific disc with a different drive (maybe you can ask a friend if you have only one drive).

Do you have problems with burned discs only or both with burned and pressed discs? If the problem is only with burned discs, again the most probable cause is the support, i.e. you are using low quality media, that after some time become unreadable. Again, you can try to use a different drive to recover data (different drives have different capabilities to read damaged discs).


Thanks for reply.
I have used discs burned by that same drive, new blank discs, commercially
burned DVDs,CDs and RAM discs.
I use Taiyo Yuden discs verified by Disc Identifier and updated
my drivers with Driver Whiz (Did not need updating)
It would appear I am out of luck


You are using quality discs, and if the drive is not working with any disc (included pressed discs), then the drive seems damaged :doh:

The only solution is a new drive :frowning:


Thanks for input.
It WAS the solution. I bought a new burner , popped it in and everything was fine.


Excellent :bigsmile: