I/O error with ImgBurn verify when over 4x

[qanda]This thread is about the BenQ 1650S Black Bulk. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello everyone. I am having a problem with burning single layer dvd+r with my benq 1650 drive.

ImgBurn gives me an I/o error every time I am verifying a disc that I burn at anything over 4x. When I burn at 4x it verifies fine and goes all the way through. These are data burns at about 4.32 gb each. I have used a few different blank dvd +r with the same results.

I am concerned about this because I have heard that burning a blank dvd at slow speeds could be bad if it is rated at higher speeds. Is this a major concern?

Thank you so much for your help people!

My setup

benq 1650 burner
asus p5b deluxe wifi motherboard bios version 0711
core 2 duo e6400 @3.2ghz
4x1 gb gskill pc6400 ddr2 ram sticks @400mhz
windows vista x64 ultimate

Could be a media issue, usually the result of using low quality media. It could also be an outdated firmware or just a failing drive. The easiest thing to try is a quality media, such as Verbatim or Taio Yuden.

Burn speed shouldn’t matter, but you can verify your burn/disc quality using an app such as DVDInfo Pro. As you have read, some drives have more issues when trying to burn at slow speeds (1-2x) than they do at normal speed. It varies by burner, and again, the only way to know is to test your discs.

Thanks for the reply Dogg. Does anyone else have any suggestions?