I/O Error - With A Twist



Alright, I have screenshots of the errors and what not, instead of stating the problem and letting everyone suggest its the media im using, I highly doubt it is.

My drive is a sony DW-Q28A, flashed to a 800A as a last resort to fix the problem (as you can see it hasn’t)

Basically I receive various errors such as the one attached, although the firmware in that screenshot is KYS1 I am now using KYS4 set as an 800A (due to the flash), its definitely something to do with the drive imo… before I could rip, burn absolutely fine on my Pioneer 109 and soon as I put this drive in all hell breaks loose… I have double checked the ide cable and power cable several times… not sure what to do, if its the media then why does it play media wrote to the same type of dvd discs?!

Just doesn’t make sense…

When I first launched dvd decrypter it mentioned about setting my region and I accidentally crossed it off, since then I have never seen the message again even after reinstalls etc - as I thought this may be the problem, but if I go into the drive properties it says the region is set to 2 which is perfect…

Any ideas what the hell is going on? :sad:

Picture attached.