I/O Error When Trying To Burn

A mate of mine is getting a I/O error when trying to burn. He said its only started happening today, its happening with Verbatim X4 -RW and some Tesco X8 -R discs. Anyone else had this problem ?? its a matshita drive, he did’nt tell me what burning software he was using though.

I dont think its a conflict error as he said it started today and nothing in or on he’s machine has change.

Sorry if I’m wrong, but it seems to me a drive failure :frowning:

Or maybe these discs are bad quality.

Try with a brand new rewritable or with a better quality media

I’ll ask about the media, anyone else have any ideas ?? dont want to tell him he’s drives knackering out if its not.

Matshita drive - don’t say more. Their media support is terrible.