I/O error on plextor 522452A



HI there im new to these forums so any noob points i forgot to add just shout for em.

But when trying to use my cdrw with pinnacle instant cd/dvd and infinti 99min disks or traxdata 52x 80 min disks. My drive wont detect the media which is strange as it has before. The message i keep getting is Drive is not recognised because of an I/O error. And i havent a clue how to sort it as it was burning on the same disks less than 5 mins b4 this error popped up.

Any help or solutions would be gr8tfully appreciated thanx.


How do i subscribe to this thread also ?

Also plextools stops responding whenever i use it. ive updated too 219a and the same thing happens?


check the DMA mode as it sounds like your drive kicked into PIO mode. please do a search on the terms “DMA” and “PIO” to find out how to check that.

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