I/O error DVD decrypter

[SIZE=5]Hi i’m using DVD shrink and DVD decrypter to copy the charmed seasons. I also use DVD region +css free. i have copied season 1,2 and 3 fine but season 4 gets to around 87, 89 percent complete in dvd decrypter then it comes up with a I/O error and cannot continue to copy. Anyone have any ideas on how to get around this problem? Seems maybe they have used a different form encoding on this set? Are there any other programmes out there that may by pass this copy right? It seems to go through the DVD shrink fine but then hits a problem when being transferred onto a blank DVD.

Thanks for any help

Zoe :rolleyes:[/SIZE]

is the disk clean/ is it damaged, are there any scratches on it?

I’ve tried copying 3 different original discs now with 5 blank discs so 1 or 2 of them should have been ok even if a few were scratched or dirty, or so you’d have thought?

Maybe i’ll try with a new set of blank discs next time, although the dvds i were using were also new but a differnet brand to the ones before. They copy fine for other movies just not the season 4 of Charmed.

Thanks for the reply.


maybe you could try the latest version ( of Anydvd and see if that helps?

ok thanks, is that as easy to use as DVD decrypter?

Thanks again for your help

Zoepiglet :iagree:

yes it’s very easy to use Anydvd just runs in the background, and automatically removes protection, and sets the region, automatically,then you can use dvdshrink, straight away , as the dvd protections are already removed so not so long to wait until you can burn your backup disk (unlike dvdecryptor where u have wait untill it decrypts the disk and then have to save the file on your hard drive first )

trial copy of anydvd , give it a go see if it works


So when using dvd shrink once you’ve done that how do you get it to disc? sorry i know nothing about these things. I usually open it with DVD shrink, then dvd decrypter opens up and copies it for me. I have record now, Fireburner, DIKO would any of these be ok to use to burn it once dvd shrink has run using the AnyDVD?

Sorry to be such a pain with this.


Hi i downloaded the AnyDVD which worked really well and allowed me to copy the charmed discs that didnt work before but the problem is now that after just a day, 2 at most it has told me the trial period is over and i need to purchase it. I’ve tried re downloading it but still the trial period is over, any ideas???



good to hear that you have had success,as far as i know you can use pretty much any burning programme such as,clonedvd,Nero, etc Anydvd works in conjunction with dvdshrink ( if you wish ) as Anydvd do’s not burn it just removes protection, if you are using dvdshrink it asks you in its setting which burning default you want ( internal or Nero if you have it installed) so you just have to set it to Nero ( if you have it ) and it should work . Any has been updated, ( says on the download site that you have 21 days free trial, maybe you can contact Slysoft and tell them you have problems with your trial version ?