I/O device error (Sony DVD Handycam DCR-DVD92)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DVD Handycam DCR-DVD92. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Every time I attempt to follow these instructions

I get a message saying the task couldn’t be completed because of
an “I/O device error.”

Here’s what happened the last time; I attempted to copy the entire
VIDEO_TS folder from the mini-disc to the harddrive. Most files made
it, but a 980,000KB VOB file resulted in the error message. Two
other VOB files – 239,000 and 144,000KB – copied. In addition, a
pair of 28KB BUP and ISO files didn’t make it, while six other
smaller files of that type didn’t.

I was able to copy and paste those small files individually, but the
large VOB got the error message.

I’m a newbie to camcording. What is going on here?

PS- same thing happens with the largest file when I use DVDdecrypter. Will try to tweak settings (per a web search) then try Nero next.

Background: Windows XP, Camera: SONY DCR DVD92, Nero, ATI
Radeon 200 Pentium® D cpu 2.80Ghz
System memory 445mb cpu 2800 mhz bus 200mhz
dvd burner drive: TSST Corp SHS182D


Did you finalize the disk first?

The original mini-disc, that was in the camera?

Yes, I believe so. I will check.

Other files copied. Just not the one VOB, which happens to be the largest.

PS- same thing happens with the largest file when I use DVDdecrypter. Will try to tweak settings (per a web search) then try Nero next.

Hangs up in those applications. Gets to 98% and 97%, respectively.

Yes, Jethro, the disc is finalized.

This was likely caused by a writing error on the disc. Unfortunately, like a portable CD player, it is quite easy it knock the laser off track, especially if the camcorder is bumped or moved suddenly while capturing footage. With a DV tape, this usually results in a few broken frames, but with a DVD, the playback software or copy process will usually give up with a read error when it encounters a bad spot.

Another tool worth trying is the DVD Fab free edition (Download link). As some copy protected DVDs deliberately add bad sectors to try to prevent DVD copy software from successfully reading the disc, DVD Fab will continue copying even if it encounters bad spots on the disc. The damaged spots will appear as broken or garbled frames (like a poor digital TV picture).

Key Sean, thanks. Those sound like good ideas. I DL’s DVD Fab the other day, haven’t installed it. Will try it.

Sean: I tried DVD Fab. I really like it. It worked great… except on that one pesky file. I even DL’d a trial version of (SONY’s) DVD Architect, hoping it could evercome an error resulting from a SONY camer and SONY RW disc. No luck. Hangs it up.