I-O Data Unveils 8x Blu-ray Burners plus hint of new LG

I-O Data Device Ltd. today announced the internal BRD-SH8B and the external BRD-UH8 8x Blu-ray burners, both scheduled to retail in Japan by the end of October.

The drives are based on the “BH08N” design by Hitachi LG Data Storage (HLDS). The BRD-SH8B comes with a SATA interface while the external BRD-UH8 should be connected to a PC through a USB 2.0 interface, with the latter to limit the maximum recording speed for Blu-ray media at 6x, at least if you have not previously installed an optimization utility for the USB 2.0.

Basic specifications of both drives include 8x recording with BD-R (25GB and 50GB), 2.3x with BD-RE (SL and DL) and 8x reading with DVD-ROM (SL and DL). However, the maximum recording speed also depends on the Blu-ray media you are using. For example, BD-R SL by Sony and TDK (6x compatible) will be burned at 8x, while Panasonic’s BD-R SL (6x compatible) will reach the 6x. The 2x BD-R SL media by Hitachi Maxell and Mitsubishi Chemicals will be also burnt at 8x. I-O Data offers a complete listing of the supported media on its Web-site.

Continuing with the specifications, the I-O Data drives are able to burn on LTH (Low-to-high) BD-R discs at 2x. The drives also offer DVD burning capabilities: 16x for DVD+R/-R SL, 8x with DVD+R/-R DL, 10x with DVD+RW/-RW and 5x with DVD-RAM. The legacy CD format is also supported (48x/40x/48x).

The drives will retail later this month in Japan for 41,000 ($390, BRD-SH8B) Yen and 44,400 ($420, BRD-UH8).


Nice I really like the 8x recording with BD-R (25GB and 50GB)

you have 8x burner?

Hmm reading the Japanese info on that drive implies that 6x bd-r DLs (which are the ones that burn at 8x) are coming out from Sony and Panasonic as they are listed as supported types. Maybe we are finally getting the much needed update to 50gb disc types and hopefully a price drop along which should make a lot of people very happy. This is the first I’ve heard of it though so that’s just speculation, nothing announced yet from sony or panny.

edit: oh how did I miss this?? TDK already has them out. (not supported by this drive though)

Soon but not this drive :wink:

What I meant was it will be nice to burn DL at 8x, sorry for the confusion.

[QUOTE=nekrosoft13;2135288]you have 8x burner?[/QUOTE]

Price :eek:

[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2135506]Soon but not this drive :wink:

What I meant was it will be nice to burn DL at 8x, sorry for the confusion.[/QUOTE]

i would like an 8x burner, but i think i will wait for that LG drive.

I’ll wait for the price to go lower than 150euro, besides i dont really need another BD drive.