I noticed something odd tonight

I clean up music data bases, I get PAID to do it and I encountered a situation that seems odd to me…

I usually like to use the Allmusic.com site to do discography lookups
to help me put “albums” in chronological order.

But tonight I was completely stymied in my efforts.

I’ve run into this problem before but thought nothing of it…

It seems someone at either Allmusic.com or Rovi where allmusic gets their database HATES the Canadian artist Bryan Adams.
(before you ask, YES I’ve tried all likely misspellings)

ALL efforts to locate his discography, any albums or songs either dump you to a “not found” page ENDLESSLY load (never getting there or eventually (after a matter of HOURS) dump you to a “404” page

and several times “The data base is undergoing maintanence, please try back later” (for a period of a week?)

I ran into this same error about six months ago and dismissed it.

The only logical conclusion is some idiot in management at allmusic (or Rovi) with an impossibly small penis (and a nasty attitude in inverse proportion)
hates this particular artist…

I don’t particularly like his work either, but the only references you can find is to Karaoke versions of his songs.

This to me is burning 1/26th of the Dewey decimal database because you hate the letter “G”. I’d really like to spend an hour or two in a locked room with the jackass… With a length of pipe to “adjust” their attitude in a permanent sort of way…

I get a bit irritable when someone intentionally makes my job more difficult.

and the fact that someone would intentionally ERASE or block access to data is offensive to me.

Perhaps he has, for some reason, got himself “black-listed”? If it were me, I’d start searching that name everywhere I could think of: Imdb, dictionary.com, other search engines (not Google), etc. Also, you could try contacting the artist directly, or at least get hold of his agent. You would think that at least they would know if he had been black-listed. Keep an eye out for anything controversial he might have been involved in. It sure sounds like someone has got it in for him.


it’s not only first generation search results but second order as well as third that lead to null results.

He shows up everywhere else on the web, it’s allmusic that obfuscates search attempts

Have you asked allmusic about that? I’d try that first, in the meantime, I’d also be contacting the artist. Ask him why “allmusic” is DISCRIMINATING (be sure to use that word) against him? Then, him and/or his agent should do the rest (you would think). They may have the clout to get through where you or I would not (I know how people like to ignore you on the net). Does Bryan Adams have a facebook page, or is he on twiddle or somewhere? If so, post a public question about it. Other fan sites might be able to shed some light on it, too.


I would have asked them if they had not so effectively hidden their “contact us”

You have also failed to pay attention to WHY I was interested

I have no intention of contacting the artist, that would imply that I cared far more than I actually do…

Why don’t you look up this Canadian pop artist from the 80’s?

I’m just curious if anyone else noticed what seem to be INTENTIONAL “holes” in any music databases?

Once again my “peeve” here is that someone is , if not simply hiding access to data, has actually destroyed data.

it is access to DATA that is ticking me off

I personally hate hip-hop and “Rap”, but I don’t refuse to organize
and tag files or destroy or hide all references to them on a site
dedicated to looking up music

Hi Allan , Is there any site you want me to look up ?
I’ll be happy to check Allmusic or any other one.

I’m sure you have but does Wikipedia have one that would help /

How about this one;

I already HAVE the information I originally wanted, I’m simply irked that
SOMEONE at Allmusic is monkeying around with DATA or access to data
and I cannot think up any reason why my results are not an effect of
someone demonstrating calculated intent.

I want to know what results you get on Allmusic

COMPARE those results with what you find on Wikipedia, Discogs, etc…

What I want to know is why Allmusic returns NO results on that artist
aside from songwriting credits (that link to nowhere) and Karaoke records.

I am offended beyond words that ANYONE would monkey around with information

What I expect to get is proof that someone at Allmusic hates Bryan Adams
(for whatever petty reason they have) I do not expect to get proof that I
am wrong about this.

Though I’d love proof that there is not malicious intent here AND though
I would actually welcome any such proof, I think the likelihood
that anyone can provide it is right up there with the likelihood that
all the models from the most recent sports illustrated swimsuit edition
will be lining up at my front door to be impregnated… right after the
Victoria’s secret models have left after being similarly serviced.

I personally could care less about Brian Adams, I have never owned any of the man’s recordings, though I I consider his music to be in the class of “ignorable Pop music”.

I found this “problem” entirely by accident and because I’m methodical
and determined I have spent several hours in each of several sessions
on that site trying to get past whatever block on accessing the data.

How about this, for your amusement do a google search on “Hate Bryan Adams”.

(Just between you and me the people who complain about his voice have obviously never heard Rod Stewart:)

individuals have a right to hate any music they want to hate, though why they would bother when IGNORING is so much easier, but a database administrator or the management of a website dedicated to music look-up does NOT have any such “right” and if they indulge themselves they should (in my CAREFULLY CONSIDERED OPINION) be burned at the stake… do not suffer under even the slightest illusion that I do not mean this literally or that I would not provide the Kindling, Kerosene & Matches.

Allan , As far as I can tell I got the same results as you did at Allmusic.com .
Nearly nothing.

Allmusic is normally pretty good but it’s not perfect as I’ve come across bands that aren’t listed or whose discographies I know are incomplete.

It’s probably the best starting point but like most things online you can never rely on just one source. :wink:


[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2709316]What I expect to get is proof that someone at Allmusic hates Bryan Adams[/QUOTE] Maybe some of his ex-girlfriends work there?! :bigsmile:

Drage, yes… after all, data-entry always has a Human Set o’ Hands at some point. Or a programmer whose writing those Filter-Logic paragraphs…

And here, Allan’s put himself in the crosshairs by talking about it! Darn… Guantanamo. Area 51. And sooo many abandoned foundries in that PA countryside… huge brick chimneys like dead fingers, stiffly pointing to the sky. Brrr…

Someone else is getting nervous, but I’m not the type to be described
as paranoid. I’m the type that intelligent people get paranoid about.

My inner child has been frequently accused of being a sick little bastard

Well, he used to be in the database: https://web.archive.org/web/20110217214823/http://www.allmusic.com/artist/p3502

And here is the explanation you wanted. Mr Adams doesn’t want to be listed:

Original URL: http://sonicmoremusic.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/whats-going-on-between-bryan-adams-and-allmusic/

With a little digging we found that we’re not the only ones who can’t find any info on Mr. Adams on AllMusic and also we found out what the reps from AllMusic had to say to their readers regarding the question: “Where’s Bryan Adams?”

“Thank you for your inquiry. Due to the request of Mr. Adams, we are no longer permitted to display his information on AllMusic. Thanks for stopping by!”

“As frustrated as you are by this fact, we are 10 times as frustrated.

At this point we are allowed to say “Due to the request of Mr. Adams, we are no longer permitted to display his information on AllMusic.”"

“As detailed here, AllMusic is no longer displaying info about Bryan Adams or his earlier band, Sweeney Todd, per the artist’s request.

Thank you for using AllMusic!”

“Mr. Adams is the only major artist to ask to be removed from AllMusic.”

So Bryan if you are reading this please contact us and give your side of the story, we know your fans only want to run to you. (I know that’s bad)

Bryan Adams last studio album was 2008′s ‘11‘

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

That’s bizarre. Still I suppose it’s his loss though.


Whew! Well, at least I know that Allan - despite his protests to the contrary - probably is no longer targeted by some radical sect of data-entry deviants.

I understand that their first assignment was quite successful. Something about removing bullet fragments and leaving behind a pristine shell at some Dallas hospital, late Fall, 1963.

I was almost certain that Allan might have discovered their Plot #2. Whew…

Ok, sounds like a length of pipe needs to be applied to Bryan Adam’s knee to encourage him to spit forth some rational explanation

the second knee is always available should the first set of answers prove unsatisfactory.

Presuming of course that anyone cares enough to ask the question, rather than putting Bryan Adams in the category of people who you simply label as “What a complete dick!”