I never



Ok you all know the drinking game where you say something you have never done, and then everyone who has done that thing drink some of their beer? Well this is like that. You ask a question, and then everyone who has done that thing has to quote that post and say glug and then ask a question. It doesnt matter in the order that it happens, otherwise if no-one had dont the thing, it would stop the game… anyway, heres an example

been on an areoplane


Hope thats clear enough :wink:


I have never gone past 70mph on a motorbike



I have never went roller blading


I never done skydiving


Never had sex on a train :frowning:


Taken coke.
Butter nut squash tastes crappy anyway.


Ive never watched clockwork orange


I’ve never read such an odd thread :wink:


I’ve never smoked :smiley:


ive never broken any bones


never kissed a guy :bigsmile:


I never had sex with a train…:confused: :doh:


I’ve never eaten a live goldfish

(this game is way more fun with real people and root beer kegs…)


I’ve never left a thread dormant for 3 weeks without ressurecting it


take a dump without wiping my butt :bigsmile:


I never listen to rumours, especially about Geno888’s other thread.


Never gotten drunk & made humourous (sexual) gestures with a lampshade.


Never saw a Nighmare on Elms Street movie



I never for a second think that you’ve missed anything.