I never receive instant email notifications

I’ve had this problem for a while now. I just created a new thread yesterday, and I just checked and there has been two replies to it. My email settings are correct, I have instant notify as the default, and all the thread show up on my subscribed threads page.

have you checked that they haven’t been rerouted to your spam or junk folder?

Yes, I have checked. I didn’t receive a notification of your reply to this thread, but today I did receive a notify of a reply to my other thread.

So I guess there is a little delay in the email used to get notified. I just don’t know if that is from here or your email client.

There isn’t a delay, I just don’t get them. I’ve received one notification out of the six that I should have gotten. I understand that you have to view the thread after a notify in order to receive notifies on further replies.

I haven’t been around the forums for a month or two, but I remember having this problem on here before.