I need your scans... for benq and lite-on

I need some scans for a better comparision between benq and lite-on but you should take consider these points

1- same data should be writen by both optical drives
2- also the 2 dvd medias should be the same
3- first, the burnings should be scaned by the burner itself
4- then the burnings should be scaned by the other drive

I hope you can help me… this is just a curiosity :bigsmile: thanx alot :flower:

You should search the forums, there are plenty of scans from both brands of drives posted. You can’t expect people to waste time and money just so you can decide which drive to buy.

For real man, there’s a lot information within the two forums that you can check for yourself. After that, check the DVD Media forum for more results on the particular media brands.

yes, I know there are lots of scans at the forum but they are different from what I want to find out. The examples show only one side of the medallion; 1 burner and 2 scanners… But I want 1 data, 2 burners and 4 scan results…


bare in mind it was before i updated the firmware…