I need your help for

Hi there.
Actually I want to change my DVD game into CDs and then I can install the game from CDs same as my DVD.
I don’t know how to create these CDs.

Is there any program to do it?
and how does it work? I need a complete description about that.

Hi there. :slight_smile:

Personally I think it’s mission: impossible. The opposite (CD => DVD) can easily be done, though.

Maybe try a gaming forum as you have posted this in a “Copy DVD Movie” forum. Movie DVDs are going to be different than game discs. (let alone you did not mention if it was a PC, Xbox, PS2, etc. game)

I burned a small .ISO file onto a CD once but I don’t think you could get the discs to be recognized as far as telling the computer that you are"loading disc 1", wait now “loading disc 2”. If you know what I mean.