I need your help! Anyone with an Benq 4012P or Benq 4812P here?



I need your help!!!

When I was going to try firmware VS04 for my Lite-On LTR-48125W (Overclocked memorex FourtyMaxx1248). I forgot that I had reconfigured my devices due to DMA related problems in WinXP. The mistake I did was flashing the Benq 4012P instead, and it is now of course dead.....

So I need someone with an Benq 4012P to use mtkflash and read out the firmware from a Benq 4012P CD-RW drive and send the binary file to me at oc-freak@cdfreaks.com

Or if you happen to own an Benq 4812P the firmware from this model may also be nice to have for later use.

If you need a guide on how to use MTKFLASH I have made one here

Thanks very much for any help, I'll remember you for some later time and offer you a beer if possible :wink:


As you have seen in my [post] I have recieved a BenQ 4012P by error.
I plane to make a backup of the firmware (whith MTKFLASH) before testing it with a new firmware from BenQ’s website. So I’ll mail it to you as soon as possible (this week-end I hope).

…and maybe your beer will travel to France…



Ah, but I actually got it fixed already :wink:

My beer went to another person :stuck_out_tongue: