I need your advice as to which of these two DVD drives I should keep

I agree Ripit, and I can’t afford to have it done professionally…I don’t think.

I can buy a decent brand DV camcorder for $300 or less, project the 8mm film to screen, record it with the DV camcorder, then get it to a DVD. I’ve been wanting a DV or DVD camcorder anyway. The DV is much less $.

But, unless I’m wrong, I’ll also need a “digital/analog capture device” like the $60 “ADS Tech Xpress” or their $200 “PYRO A/V link” as recommended by Harley to get the images onto my computer’s HD…then recorded to DVD via my DVD-RW.

Am I on track? Remember, this is all new to me. I need your guidance.

I would look into the digital video cameras first and see what kind of outputs they have. You can get capture cards pretty cheap, just make sure the capture card has inputs compatible with your dv camera. I have heard a lot of people mentioning v-stream pci card being good and they are only about 30$ on newegg. Here is a thread


Conecting a dv camera to a capture card should be about the same thing as conecting a vcr to do vhs to dvd. there are lots of threads on it, just search the forums for vhs and look for appropriate titles.

One note on the audio. A dv camera most liklly will have rca audio out. You can get an adapter for a couple of dollars that will convert the rca to miniplug that can go to your sound card (many internal capture cards do not have the audio in). You do need a capture device (internal or external) and there are an endless selection of them. I got a cheap compusa branded one (norwood brand) on sale for 20$. They go up to 300$ or more. You also need the right software and a lot of the vhs to dvd threads go into that (including the one I linked to). With software there are a lot of options too. I can find some links to guides if you like or look on videohelp.com

I’ll look at that thread Ripit…and I’d appreciate your continued support on this…so if you can find me some guides I’d me most appreciative.

Thanks for the very informative advice. You told me some things I hadn’t thought of and most likely never would have…until maybe too late.

Here are programs that are designed to take diffrent file types, convert them, create menus and burn to dvd. Read the descriptions as some of them might not do everything.

some are free
Most capture devices are going to be able to produce mpeg 2 files (which is what dvd uses, a .vob is an mpeg with the file extention changed). Here is a good place to look for guides on how to do various things. I usally just use the all in one converters, but if I am not mistaken, if you have mpeg 2 files then you already have the right files for dvd, so you do not have to convert, just author. Maybe look at some authoring software.

Here are some more links

And of course the forum here where this kind of stuff is discussed.

I sincerely appreciate your help on this ripit. The sites you recommend are just the “ticket” for me to learn more about the subject. I’m sure they’ll lead me to more questions.

Wish me luck…I’ll probably be back to ask many more questions.

Thanks again. This site is great.