I need your advice as to which of these two DVD drives I should keep

I’m from West Virginia and am new to this site. It’s my hope that you’ll be able to help me resolve some issues and give me some good advice about some questions I have.

I’m retired and love to spend time on and learn about my computer (yes, my wife thinks I spend too much time on it).

I have a HP Pavillion 7955 and have had to replace the HP CD-Writer…it was continuously opening and closing (every 5 seconds) without provocation from me (HP replaced it with the same drive).

I’m a novice at this, but want to learn so I can fix my computer problems. I have a desire to learn as much as I can.

When I found this site, I was so excited by all of the information that’s available…looks like a great site! Do you have all of this information archieved? I’d love to be able to access it if so.

Still have the original Toshiba DVD-Rom SD-M1502 and Samsung CD-R/RW SW-2525 but need some advise on two DVD drives I just bought and am trying to decide which to keep and install.

I need your advice as to which of these two DVD drives I should keep:

  1. Digital Max Model: DRW-5S16306C ($40 with rebates at OM)…need to decide soon…rebate must be mailed by 1-9-06, and

  2. I/O Magic Model 608585 ($50 with rebates at Staples)…this one is being shipped to me and I have until March 2, 2006 to submit rebate info.

Which one do you recommend I keep? Thanks in advance…I hope I’m using this site correctly…let me know if I am not…appreciate a quick response. P.S. this is my first post…

This will hopefully get more attention. Thanks.

The Digital Max will be a rebadged Liteon 1635, fairly good from what I’ve read. The I/O Magic will be a Benq, either a 1625 or 1655. If it says on the box that it is rated for 2.4x +R DL it will be a 1625, if it is rated for higher DL speeds then it will be a 1655. The 1625 is a fairly good drive, the 1655 is their latest drive and appears to be a great drive, similar to their very popular 1640. I would personally keep the I/O Magic regardless of which Benq it ends up being (not much of a Liteon DVD burner fan, but it would be fine), although it’s probably more or less a toss up between the older 1625 and the Liteon.

Thanks Scoobie…as soon the I/O arrives (should be delivered Friday), I’ll check it and will go with your recommendation. I appreciate very much your additional comments…just what I needed to make a decision.

Sorry it took me so long Scoobie…it’s a 1625. I still have it unopened…will probably go with it. Has LightScribe but I probably won’t use that…I hear it takes forever to do. Sharpie here I come.

It’s a good drive but if possible I would return the box to local staples and get a 1655. Here’s a link to the thread: BenQ 1655 rebadged (I/O Magic)

get the 1655!

Doesn’t look like the 1655 is available around here…at least not right now.
Maybe on-line. Thanks Ept.

EPT= pregnancy test ! LOL

Laughter is good for the soul etp (got it right that time)…I see you have interest in video…can you advise me on how best to convert analog tapes (regular VHS and the 8 mm small vhs tapes) to dvd. I have several VHS tapes I’d like to put on DVD’s…and I’d like to do it myself if the cost isn’t prohibitive. I’ve heard Sam’s Club sells a device (Ads Tech) that will allow you to download VHS tapes via a VHS recorder/player to your hard drive then burn them to DVD from there…are you knowledgeable in doing this? If so, how many GB of hard disk will a 6 hour VHS tape require and what hardware and software do you recommend I use for such a project? (careful on the typo’s…I’ll be checking).

You will need to break your projects up into 4GB MPEG2 files or smaller!
You can buy a PCI card to do that direct or do it as I did!
I have a new Camcorder with Firewire although USB will work fine!
I ran my VCR through the Camcorder(called a digital passthrough) to my capture program. You need an all in one capture program that will let you capture, edit, convert to MPEG2, and then burn to a DVD. The Sony, and or Sonic software will do that! Also Windows movie maker and full version of Nero will do it! Be aware that some programs stiff you on the full MPEG2 conversion and want to charge you extra for that function!

Another cheap quick way is to get a $100 VCR to DVD burner stand alone! They work well and you will need to go to that section of the forum for true expert help!

Thanks for the great advice etp…now it’s up to me to search for and determine what I can afford and can use. My computer has a small 40 GB HD that has only 13 GB free, I have the 100GB ready to install. I’m assuming I’ll need a large HD to download video to prior to burning. Remember, I know absolutely nothing at this point about how to do this…I just know WHAT I want to do. I’ll probably be asking for clarification on some of your recommendations.

I believe the Ads Tech DVD Express (from Sam’s Club) for $60 is a capture device…but I’ve seen some bad reviews on it on the web. Do you have any particular brand names/models in mind that I can look at?

I don’t even own a digital camcorder yet…thinking about it though. Cheapest I’ve seen are at least $300.

I don’t know much about the ads dvd express, but I’ve been using the ADS Pyro AV/Link, for well over a year, and it works great. It will bypass macrovision and everything, and it’s a firewire connection so it’s fast. I’ve seen them listed for as little as $130.00. Another option might be the Plextor capture unit. I’ve seen some good comments on those.

Harley, I took this statement from the device you are using.

“Capturing DV from a Digital camcorder is fantastic, but what about all of the video content you have in other formats (8mm, beta, VHS, DVD), how do you get that content into the DV format? PYRO A/V link solves the problem by converting any analog video source into DV”.

I assume when ADS Tech says “8mm”, they’re talking about the small vhs “type” recordings (I have a Sharp camcorder that records to these small 8mm tapes).

How could I possibly capture regular 8mm film (from my old 50 foot rolls) to put it on a DVD?

I suppose I’d have to “project” it onto a screen, then “record” what’s on the screen with my camcorder, then proceed from there using the device you use. But, wouldn’t that degrade the quality a tremendous amount.

Any suggestions on how to convert regular 8mm film to DVD?

If you’re under 40, you may not be familiar with the regular 8mm home movie film…but if your family took any home movies in the 60’s, that’s what they used. They were the first home movies ever…preceding the analog camcorder. This was the only way to make home movies. Bad quality but better than nothing. Boy have we advance in the past 15- 20 years!!! A whole new world of micro processing…and how exciting!

About the only way I have heard of to transfer actual film to a dvd is to use a service. The equipment to do it properlly is very expensive.

Hi burnselk

I see you still have the old 8mm film rolls (the ones it was necessary to reverse, not the “modern” super 8?), there are several ways you can go.

Obviously, the highest quality would be ask for a professional conversion, but it will cost you a fortune.

You can get a device that can be attached to the projector - not easy to find, maybe.
And just for some rolls can be expensive.

And you have the method you point out - camera recording from projection.
You are right when you say there is a quality issue.
I found this link, where there is a curious way to “concentrate” the projected image to A4 size and record it to DV.
This way, maybe you can avoid a considerable amount of image deterioration.
If you are interested, please go to:


Good luck

And here


The guy that refers to there links, here:


 has answers from other people, as the one that sends you here:


And it seems they have mixed feelings to decide to go for the A4 card or the transfer boxes.

Interesting topic

I have some that were converted years ago and they are dark! I wish I could get a way also to redo the process and improve the quality!

Thanks guys, I’ll continue to investigate this process and I’ll keep you informed of what I find out. With your help, maybe I can at least do it or put it to rest. I cannot afford the cost of having it done. I appreciate very much your input. You have given me hope to preceed.

Looking through some of the responces and links given, it really looks like a dv camera and a projector might be the best bet. Some of those services are really expensive!!!