I need/want/crave suggestions!

I am trying to not throw my Ipod on the ground and run over it, over and over and over again.
Why, you ask?
Because there hasn’t been annything interesting out lately. Nothing worth mentioning or worht running out the store to go and buy. Concerts are still pretty awesome, but everything sounds the same or over-produced or old… and I need you suggestions.
What CD’s are either coming out soon or were just put out that have really impressed you or at least should?

I stopped buying CD’s many years ago for that reason … I’ve since given up on all my MP3 players because I got sick of listening to the same stuff over and over again.

Maybe you can install linux on it & use it for something else?

I’m a member of a satanic cult and we have a lot of subliminal audio cd’s for personal entertainment. Want to join us?

If satanic cults aren’t what you had in mind, I would say you should check out Snow Patrol for now… And get ready for two kick *** albums coming out sometime soon, I think. haha

Toby Lightman “Bird on a Wire” her myspace stuff sounds TIGHT
and the ultimate in creative male vocalists- Thom Yorke “Eraser” Oh yeah! :clap:

Anything past 2000 is seems to be crap.

AHAAA!GOT YOU,so you are a Cliff Richard fan after all!!!:cop:

subliminal cd’s? and until I make that commitment… hahaa Is there really anything worth checking out? Toby sounds good for the time being.

hey- was wondering if you got Toby or Thom… I’ve been listening to both albums non-stop…

Toby Lightman is solid because she is just continuing on her path of solo soul artist perfection.

Thom Yorke is amazingly talented, but I did miss Radiohead not being a part of a whole album.

I’m waiting for the new Muse and KIllers albums. They should be good.

Didn’t The Strokes put out a new album?