I need TY manufactured White Inkjet R+ cheap, please HELP

Ok I am throwing my hands up, after almost an excellent year with Prodisc I have given up, I have a couple hundred R- sitting here from before my bitsetting switch. and all of a sudden they are giving me nothing but grief. I am still ok with the new Prodisc R+ I have gotten, but with this incident I can’t take the risk, becuase I burn professionaly. So what I would like to do, is to turn to the best tried and true, Taiyo Yuden. I already have lots of TY (Fuji,Sony,TDK) but they are not printable. My source Supermediastore has TY’s but they are OEM and expensive, about .70 cents each plus shipping. The only other brand I trust, sorta, is Ritek. funny enough their 4x and 8x r+ printables are the same price. 50$ free shipping, about 5$ more than the prodisc. Also what I heard the 4x(g03) is better than the 8x(g05). But that was 3 months ago and i know how things change.

I thought I found Fuji printable TY02’s. I was talking to my dad while he was at sams club and he told me they had 50 packs of fuji R- printables for 41$ I was elated, ran over there the next day, to see that they were made in taiwan. Took a chance and took em home. popped in
SUPRISE: PRODISC F01, one of the codes giving me problems and the printable surface was not even to the HUB!!! rediculous

So if you live in the US and can help a brotha out, please do, and I will send you 100 pack of Prodisc 8x R- :confused:

I saw that pack of opened Fuji printable on the mark down table at Sams. Since it had been opened and returned I opened it and saw that it wasn’t hub printable and made in Taiwan.
I want to thank you for returning them.

$0.70 is the lowest going rate for TY 8x +R inkjet printables no matter the retailer, so looks like you’ll have to pony up or find alternative media.

‘T-Y’ and ‘cheap’ do not go together unless you feel like dealing in fakes.

I am in the same situation. My love affair with Prodisc printables has waned and I too am looking for Ty HUB printables. I have been looking for a couple months now but it seems they do not exist in the States. I have totally given up on printables untill I can get a reliable source of hub printable +R.

Garmy, have you considered Verbatim 8x +R hub printables? They’re available at quite a few places, namely www.buy.com or Amazon. The model number is 94812.


that was the case months ago, and maybe still in europe, I got 25 packs of fuji TY for 8$!!
lets put it this way I have gotten fuji/TDK/Sony TY codes, not fake for 30-40 cents a piece. all at retail Best buy venue. none were printables though

there has to be an oonline retailer that has ty manufactured for 50 cents each or less.

to the person who recomended verbatim, they are prob no cheaper.

and is supermedia store the only decent place to get good prices, i know they are usually the lowest. I am abou to go with ritek 4x and give them a shot. they are from japan, and are 50 cents shipped from supermedia and newegg

Rima.com has some good prices for retail purchasers, if you have your own business you might be able to get setup with Microboards.com and get wholesale prices.

FYI, it’s common to see a price difference of $0.20 to $0.30 between regular Taiyo Yuden and white inkjet printable Taiyo Yuden DVDRs.

As for Prodisc… their problem is that they got some of their generic silver laquer media printed with an inkjet printable surface at a local plant in North America, instead of having it all done in Taiwan at the manufacturing plant. I assume this is done because of shortages of stock, and wanting to complete orders. Actually, Optodisc also had this problem… but I also know that after the first batch was printed improperly, they stopped doing it altogether.