I need to see scans make with Pioneer DVR-112

My english is crap, sorry for this.

I have an DVR-112D, it came with 1.15 firmware.
I flashed with Buba pack in 8.21 BUffalo, i write 4-5 dvd-rw Verbatim, and my scan percent was 0%…
Ugly scan.

I back at 1.15 RPC1, my scan was ok, i guess, with 500-1000 Pi1 errors.
I do not have an Liteon to scan my DVD, i scan with Pioneer DVR-112L.
I flashed again with 8.06 RPC1, and after that with 8.09 Buba, with 8.09 i have 100.000 Pi 1 errors…

8.06 is OK, i guess.
FOr now i stick with 8.06.
I need help from cdfreaks users, i need differents scan make with Pioneer DVR_112 D or L, with differents firmware.

I want to see anothers scans make with Pioneer, not with Liteon. If you could help me…
I put an archive to see my scans… it’s al there.


You know that Pioneer drives are no reliable scanners?!?

What exact media have you used?

Use the Liteon to scan!

I do not have an Liteon.
THis is my scan with Pioneer.
Best firmware is 8.21 for my 112D, off course i modded into 112L Buffalo.

I have an 112D@ 112L with 8.21 Buffalo firmware.
Firmware 8.06 Buffalo was ok, 8.09 was ugly, with 1000-3000 PI errors, and firmware 8.21 was the best for burning and scaning.
I tested these firmware with 10 DVD+R and 10 CD+R preserved.
I tested these DVD+R and CD+R also with my Plextor 712A, an extrordinary burning device.
I put these pictures to see that is a big differences betwen firmware for Pioneer.
This is a big big difference betwen Buffalo 8.21 and fw 1.15 112D original pioneer.



These one.

Same here.

New set.

And here are a lots of pictures with SCAN, BURN with Pioneer 112D, after that 112L, with differents firmware, etc.
Scan are with 112 and Plextor 712A.






I get bad scans with the drive too. I wouldn’t worry about it.

People around here aren’t very helpful as you can see…

@ reeven,

Throughout the CDFreaks Pioneer DVD Burner Forum it has been discussed numerous times that Pioneer Drives are not reliable scanners. Scan data from a Pioneer DVD Burner is consider unreliable and suspect.

You were informed in posting #2 in this thread to use a Lite-On drive to scan Media burned with a Pioneer DVD Burner.

You can continue posting your scan data but since that scan data is considered unreliable and suspect no meaningful or useful analyst can be derived from these postings. Posting your scans serves no useful purpose.


I think this might be something along the lines of what the OP was looking for: Disc scanned by both Lite-on and Pioneer DVD-RW drives.

Bjkg, Pioneer is a reliable scaner, trust me.
I put an archive, inside her, there are scan of disks with Plextor 712A and Pioneer.
If you guys look carefuly in that archive, the best is 8.21, other than this fw produced big erorrs.
Maybe for some that says that Pioneer isn’t a good scaner, have you try with same disks and differents firmware?

EDIT in this post, http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1765408&postcount=132

I see firmware 8.09, that one that produce thounsand of C1 errors on me.
I’m not alone.:D.
8.09 and 1.15 produced massive erorrs.
8.21 is like i scan with an Liteon, BenQ, Plextor, or something good, it’s error free.

Pioneer product support say that Pioneer drives produce incorrect C1 scans (when scanning CD media). When a manufacturer says something negative about their own product, I’d rather trust them. :wink:

As for DVD scans, in my experience from my own scans and other scans I’ve seen, Pioneer drives earlier than the 112/212 series are not reliable DVD scanners. I haven’t made my mind up about the 112/212 series yet, but it doesn’t look reliable to me.

So a scan on a Pioneer drive may be better than no scan at all, but I’d only use the scans to compare results of burns with the same type of media from different batches and at different burning speeds. Any other comparisons can lead to false conclusions.

TRTs of this disc and the discs in the following two posts are uneventful. I’ve omitted them.

Disc 1:

Verbatim-branded MCC-004 (Prodisc)
Burned @ 8x w/ Pio 111L fw 8.29

Disc 2:

Verbatim-branded MCC-004 (CMC)
Burned @ 8x w/ BenQ 1620 fw B7W9

Disc 3:

Fujifilm branded YUDEN000-T02-000
Burned @ 8x with Plextor 716A fw 1.11

@ reeven,

I am sorry but I disagree with your above statement.

Perhaps you should review the comments from Forum Member Brad-Pioneer (Brad Morton, Product Specialist, Pioneer Electronics Australia) concerning the unreliability of Pioneer DVD Burner Scanning.


A notable quoted comment by Forum Member Brad-Pioneer (Brad Morton, Product Specialist, Pioneer Electronics Australia) from the above reference Forum posting ->

“”The way they have implemented this feature used undocumented features of the drive incorrectly and this capability will be removed from future builds of Nero.

If you want reliable scans you need to scan in another drive.””

I believe that it could not be made any clearer. As previously stated in my #12 posting scan data from a Pioneer DVD Burner is consider unreliable and suspect.

If you desire reliable scanning data use a Ben-Q or Lite-On DVD Burner as the scanning device.


Thanks Tropic for yours scan.

I am a normal user, and i think in that way:

If i buy an Pioneer XXX burner, i want to burn and scan with that burner only.

Think again, many users have CoreDuo with 1 IDE on mainboard, you canot have 2 Burners in those mainboard if you have an GOOD IDE HDD 500GB for example.

If i burn 1 disk with FW 8.09 , and scan THAT with Pioneer and Plextor 712A and BenQ 1655 the disk show some ugly spices, about 3000 of them.

If i burn with FW 1.15 original 112D produce 3000 spices, or with 8.06 the same.

You get my point?

FW 8.21 is the only one that do not produce spices, i burn 10-20 disk with that firmware, after that i scan with Plextor,Pioneer, BenQ.
Spices are gone with that firmware.

This is my point.
Pioneer show 30 Pi1 with 8.21, and BenQ and Plextor about 20 pi1.

Differences is quite small, compared with FW 8.09 and thousand of spices.

30 spices on every disk with FW 8.21 < 3000 spices on FW 8.06, 8.09, 1.15.