I need to Rip an NRG image file after it is mounted

EAC and CDEX dont see the Daemon tools drive. Any suggestions?

My EAC sees the Daemon-Tools virtual drive… try to put the Nero ASPI Layer in your EAC’s directory, then start the program, choose “Installed external ASPI interface” under EAC->EAC Options->Interface and restart the program.

Hope this helps, :smiley:


i want to rip an audio image too!!
i already tryed to mount and burn it and then tryed to rip it… it seemed to work at first but then i wanted to listen to the ripped mp3s and there were only noise no music… then i listened to the burned cd and there was just the same noise & no music…

it is n .nrg image… i tryed to burn with nero and alcohol but didnt work…
i wanted to check for protection with clony but therefore i would have had to burn the image correctly at first so this doesnt work either

any suggestions? thx in advance :slight_smile:

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After mounting the image with Daemon Tools (without ripping), can you play the mp3 files? Do they play correctly?

If not, then there’s something wrong with the image and the easiest thing to do is to rebuild the image from your sources (or even better, use directly your sources at this point).

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:


Am I missing something here?
Maybe it’s because I don’t use virtual drives.
What’s to rip?

Why not just simply extract the files from the image after it is mounted?
Aren’t the files contained within the image playable media files (mp3 etc,)?

Burn it with exactly the program you have created it with!!!


first of all thanks for alle your responses!!

when i mount the image i can play the music correctly! (thats the only way i can listen to it at the moment … i just dont want 700mb wasted of my hdd)

@nemesys: the files are in cda format… like a normal music cd you bought in a shop

ok things are little weird: i can play the mounted image with winamp n every player… but cant play the burned cd! now i tried to play the cd with PowerDVD and it WORKS! it says the cd is in DTS format… omg
you know a program which is able to format that into mp3?? omg :smiley: