I need to rip a dvd to my hard drive by 4 pm eastern time USA



i have downloaded DVD Fab Platinum.
What do i need to do in this program.
The DVD is in my D:/

please help.


Yo Tim…follow these instructions

Any problems get back to us


it says it will automatically put my DVD into the source or i could pick my D:/.

it will not allow me to put my dvd into that.

do i have to do something to the dvd itself in order for this program to read it as a source.

the only way it reads it as a source is under the DVD clone option.



[B]Source:[/B] [B]Insert the DVD you want to backup in your DVD-ROM/DVD-burner[/B] or choose a previously processed DVD (VIDEO_TS) folder on your hard drive by clicking the undefined button. Normally DVDFab will auto detect the device when the Source DVD is inserted. You also can click undefined to choose an image (ISO file) as a Source to process and burn.

[B]Target[/B]: You can choose your DVD writer to burn a disc directly or you can change the [B]save location to a folder on your hard drive[/B] by clicking the undefined button. Normally, you only need to change the default save location if you want the program to save the files to another hard disk or special folder. As default the program will use ‘My Documents’ as target.

The DVD you want to copy is the source
Create a folder on your hard drive…anywhere you like…even your desktop is ok…select this as your target
Then push the button.