I NEED to put 2 Movies on DVD

I have two movies that are avi at the moment. i have a winavi converter software that will convert these into DVD’s. i have done this countless times so it works!!
BUT i need to burn TWO movies onto one DVD.
how do i do this?
i have nero.
i have tried the option in nero which says ‘copy multi dvd’s to one’… i tried ‘copy entire dvd’… all that happens is that the first movie plays but the second doesnt. but when i preview the movie whilst its burning i know both of them have downloaded.
what am i doing wrong?
plz plz plz help
i have so many bloomin softwares!!
do i need another? if i do plz let it be free!!! plz explain as im reely nt that good with audio/video editing/burning etc…
PLZ HELP. my computer memory is full and i need to download onto dvd’s.

try nero vision win avi can be a bit iffy of doing 2 on 1 i find :slight_smile:

The simplest way is to import the two avi’s into Nero Vision and let it convert, then make a menu so you can select which video you want to watch and burn to disk. This bypasses WinAvi altogether.

Which version of Nero do you have? I have Nero 7, which includes Nero Vision 4, and in it you select Make a DVD, select DVD-Video, Add Video Files, build a menu and save the output to the hd or burn to disk.

If you would prefer to convert with WinAvi, I would have it output as dvd compliant mpeg2 files, then import to Nero or import them into a free authoring tool like DVDStyler or GuiforDVDAuthor. You will need to make a menu to select which video you want to watch.

i have nero express 6. nero vision express 3. when i open up nero vision express and click on make movie, it opens up a box. i add a video file (avi)that is 700mb and a box appears saying:

[I]your project currently exceeds the capacity of a normal dvd, but still fits on a dvd9. do you want the quality reduced automatically?[/I]

when i click no the bar at the bottom of the box states that the movie is over 4gb (see attchment). how is this possible when the movie as an avi file is only 700mb?

i’ve converted 700mb’s avi’s before and im sure they’ve never been over 4gb.

also, how do i make a menu?

because avi is not the same as dvd. encoding an vi to dvd takes lots of time and many times the space of an avi…that’s why people use avis to begin with…as a small and convenient storage medium. how far over the limit is it? it’s probably safe to compress if it’s not much.

also you make a menu within nero vision once you reach the next step. it literalyl walks you through step by step. just add your video and go in order and you’ll come ot the part that says “hey do you want to make a menu?”