I need to make CD image from CD protected with Softlock

Hello , everyone
I have 4 old CD’s since 2013 , they contain applications for kids , they are all protected against copying with Softlock protection (I knowed that becoz it contains files like SLPSSDK.dll & other softlock files
Actually , these CD’s are precious for me & I’m afraid they may damage accidentally , that’s why I need to make an image run on virtual drive from hard disk .
PLZ someone help me by telling me what’s the proper alcohol setting to make correct image
Consider that I dont have good experience in using these software
Thanks a million

Hallo, and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Please take a look at these threads:

Here you can find a portable version of free Alcohol 52%: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/image-compatibility-between-daemon-tools-versions-36121/#post144583

…and i’ve attached the PreGap Image Builder.

No matter which program you choose, the process may take very long.

PreGap.Image.Builder-Final.Version.zip (249 KB)

:DWoooooW … It succeeded :cool: . Thanks a million [B]Terramex [/B] .

You are Genius [B];)[/B]

Glad i could help :slight_smile:

May i ask which program you chose and which ASS jump factor/scanner interleave was used.

First I used the PreGap image builder 0.13 ,& it took very long time to produce the image (.bin - .cue) , but after trying to mount on Alcohol virtual drive i got a message of not accessible file . I tried to use Poweriso just to mount the image but the message of ( insert original CD poped up).
Then I used Alcohol 120% V 2.0.2 , with ASS jump factor 5 & other settings as mentioned above , It didnot take long time but the produced image also didnot work
But finally I changed the letter of virtual drive to be the 1st letter after hard disk partition & tried to mount the image produced by alcohol again & a message poped up asking to register the product before use , & this is the normal message if passed the protection .

Thanks for sharing the detailed backup procedure :slight_smile:

Hi, can you tell me the name of the software and where I can purchase it? I am interested in this protection and want to know how it works and no cd’s are protected with it in Europe.

Best regards