I need to know what burner ( Lite-ON ) will work with my plex24

any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as, i currently
have been losing sleep over the newest version of safedisk, from what i have read in the forums here, the liteon and plex can co-exist?
what i need to know is what liteon hardware i will need to purchase? i also have heard lite on is having the best success of making copies of safe disc 2 protected games… please let me know … thanks freaks

Yes Lite-On’s writers can backup any known version of safedisc 2.
I don’t belive you’ll have any trouble with co-existance between the two burners.
You can use any Lite-On you like, currently the 40x is hot since it with a firmware update wil probably support P-CAV writing.

And think what a great combo it would be!
Plextor for audio, and Lite-On for games!

Yep, plextor and Lite-On will work together just nicely. I suggest you get the 40X version since the price difference is not that big.