I need to know how to burn psx games to play in colour, can you help?

hello, i have a chipped origonal playstation and i dont know how 2 play the backup discs in colour, i have a scart lead and the lid is open(with the sencor coverd) i think its something to do with the way i burnt them, i used alcohol 120%. i have alother backup disc which my mate let me use and that one playes in colour, can anybody help???

The games coming out in black and white has nothing to do with the way you create and burnt your backup.

Is the scartlead a fully wired RGB scartlead?

well, im sort of a noob but i have a PS1 scart cable that goes in to the 3 rgb colours and i have those plugged into a old xbox scart plug, ive also thaught recently it might be the reagon…?

Do you mean the phono connectors plug into a scart plug and the 3 connectors are yellow, red and white? if so then that’s not a proper scart lead. What you have there is composite video but plugged into the scart socket.

What you need is one of these

http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=221911 (bit pricey at maplins)

If you go into a shop to buy one just check that its fully RGB.

could also be the tv ur playing it on try hooking it up to an pal/ntsc tv

The TV is fine, seen as it’s coming out in black and white the TV supports PAL 60hz and an RGB scart will put it into colour.