I need to go back to a 40x firmware

My lite on is acting up. I have a 40x burner that is overclocked to 48x. I remember using a utility that allowed me to do it within windows real easy. Could someone give me a link to that utility and also I need the firmware files. I want to go back to 40x. Thanks!!!


MTK WinFlash: http://digi.rpc1.org
Binary Firmwares: http://liteon.notrix.net

Thanks but before I had some program that was even easier. I just got the firmware and then ran this program. This was about a year ago. Isnt there another program?

That already seems pretty easy to me, but perhaps what you were thinking of was FlashFix, also available from Digi’s site:


Download the firmware you want from LiteOn’s site:


Run FlashFix on the flasher downloaded from LiteOn, and then you can flash any drive you want with the “fixed” flasher.


I believe he was refering to the hacked Windows flashing firmwares from CDR-Info.

  • How to convert a LiteOn LTR-40125S to LTR-48125W

    The process is very simple and results are good for many users.

The ZSxx goes for the LTR-40125S and the VSxx for the LTR-48125W models.

Available firmware updaters for 40125S->48125W conversion:

ZSxx to VS02
ZSxx to VS04
ZSxx to VS06

Available firmware updaters for 48125W->40125S conversion:

VSxx to ZS0A
VSxx to ZS0J (Adds Mt. Rainier and P-CAV recording technology)
VSxx to ZS0K

The actual download links a sporadic at best as the majority of the time you will not be able to connect to the remote server.