I need to find a media server with remote control that can take 4 or more bays. Can anyone help?

Hi guys, my brother has asked me to find a media server that can basically take his hard drives that and play the content (DVD movie files and Blu-ray mkv files) which he can then plug into his TV. He wants it to be able to connect to his PC (through network or whatever) so that he can load new stuff on it but for it to be independant so that he doesn’t have to faff around with his PC to watch a movie on his TV. He needs 4 or more hard drive bays for 3.5 inch HDDs.

Something like this but with more bays: http://acryan.com/sg/playonhd/2-playonhd2.html

Can anyone make any recommendations?

I can very much recommend stuff from Synology but not sure if it can be connected to the TV directly, but it can do the rest and has a lot of advanced functionality which makes it a very versatile device.

Also the admin panel is awesome!


I think you buy a seperate remote control for it, but you can probably also control it using mobile apps.

Hiya, thanks for the reply.

I’m not sure that website would be what he neeeded, He really wants a remote that can do everything like a DVD player would and it needs to play the video so that the files can be converted to a compatible file for the TV to understand. If it can connect wirelessly to the TV that’s fine but the files need to be ‘played’ with the TV recieving the signal as opposed to the TV recieving the source and playing them itself - not sure if the site has that kind of stuff, and if it does I’m not sure what I should be looking for on it by name - nothing seems to be called a ‘media server’ and I don’t know what else they would be called. :s

He needs a media box like a Dune Smart H1 or a Popcorn Hour box. Then he also may want the NAS if he wants 4 bays. The media boxes usually have a bay for 1 HDD, plus USB and eSATA connectivity for adding more drives. They also can act as NAS which allows direct access from a networked PC.

However, if he’s working with HD video/audio, he should be aware that network speeds make transferring such large files very time consuming. Any drive attached to the PC can be shared, allowing direct access to files from the media box, so the NAS is not strictly required.

I prefer multi-bay HDD docking stations, then just swap in the HDD that has what I want. 2 and 4 bay docks are reasonably priced. Such a dock can be attached to the networked PC or to the media box, or you can have one in each location and swap HDDs back and forth.

If I were him I’d go with a Dune plus a 4-drive bay and leave the bay attached to the PC and shared.

Thanks for the help - he’s gone for a Dune HD Duo and is going to buy some bigger HDDs, so that’s that.

But if you want to help me in my other thread then please do! No-one’s replied yet. :frowning:

Also, do you think I should cut it down? I was really stressed and ranted on a bit of a tangent in it.