I need to find a FxP board



ello :slight_smile:

just asking if anyone can either post one or icq me the address of a fxp…

icq: 75550171

cheers :wink:


use the search funtion in the upper right corner, and type in fxp / ftp


hmmm just tried it with many differnet variations of what u said but it kept comming up

Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

any other ideas ??


Check this out !!!



I see they spelled my board wrong LoL


I think you have a big problem, because a lot of these boards are private… So I wish you good luck.

Zero Cool

Admin Illusionists FXP
Mod Virgin’s FXP


it’s good that you’ve been using the search feature, but this thread is over 4 years old