I need to crack a laserlock protected app

I copied a greek comic cd called “arkas”
(arkados) using blind read.When you start
it, it kicks you back to win98 screen.
It uses the laserlock protection…any ideas?

CloneCD it… It can handle all known cd protection schemes. That is if your burner is supported…


Is Matshita CD-R CW-7502 (SCSI CD-R DRIVE) supported by CloneCD?

Check the compatible hardware list in CloneCD’s help file or here
If it’s not there, it won’t work.

i suggest to use blindread and after burning
replace exe files.
you can also copy all the folders excluding laserlok folder and after you replace all the exe files.
i think the best solutio is to use clone cd but if your cdrw doesn’t support it you should do all th ethings below.