I need to copy 3 dvds i own by tonight

hi guys i need some help i need to copy 3 dvds i own by tonight.

i have a benq dw1620 drive but i’ve never updated the firmware or anything like that and i’d like to do that.

is there anything else i should update along with the firmware?

and could somebody please tell me how i would go about doing all of this?

my other question is what software should i use to make a copy of one of my dvs? i keep on hearing people mention clonedvd and anydvd. is that the tools i would need to accomplish this?

and if so can somebody please point me in the direction of a tutorial if possible.

any help with these questions would be very appreciated.

thanks for your time


For the firmware update i’d look that nothing is running in the background like antivirus or firewall programs etc…Just download if you’d like the latest firmware from BenQ’s site. Double click the exe file select your drive and hit upgrade wait end when it’s finished reboot your system. For anydvd and clonedvd yes they’re great tools and here the guide

thank you very much rapid fire

I forget something do you’ve a retail or oem drive?
Also have a look at here if you’ve an oem drive

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For info on flashing drive etc try here.

i believe it’s a retail drive as it came with the full box and software etc. i’m checking out the link you posted though as it’s got quite a bit of useful information in it.

i did have a another question though i recently purchased a spindle of 100 taiyo yuden 8x dvd-r’s on ebay. i popped one in my drive after updating my firmware and i ran that qscan program and it said ok at every speed except 16. does that mean i can burn my dvd’s at 12x even though they say 8x on them?

hi zebadee, thanks for making me feel welcome on the forum here and also thank you for the link i’m checking it out right now.


Those BenQs come with different firmwares, either OEM or retail.

You can find out by knowing the firmware revision name.

sweet, thanks for the heads up chef.

More info: http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=1905

Hope it helps.

Yes you can burn them at 12x but to be on the safer side i’d choose 8x.