I need to convert a short 20 min dvd movie to a pc format movie (.wmv)



Here’s what I need to do (I searched first but did not find any relevant threads addressing this issue - my apologies if I missed an old thread addressing this issue):

I have a short 20 min dvd movie on dvd disc. All I need to do is to convert that dvd movie into a pc compatible movie such as .wmv

Actually I specifically need to convert the dvd movie to .wmv format.

Any suggestions on what software to use for this? I have found software such as DVDx 2.3 - however this only converts to mpeg and avi formats. I want some software that does it to the Windows Media player format (.wmv). Please help!


The only “dvd to wmv” is Tmpgenc, there are others than can make you go thru several gyrations.

Take a look and decide for yourself.


The only gotcha is if the dvd uses copy protection, then you will need a program to “rip” the dvd to the hard drive and convert it from there.


try ImTOO MPEG Encoder at www.imtoo.com which converts between WMV, MPEG, DVD, VOB, MOV, AVI, DV, etc.


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