I need to close a DVD-R after burning it on Record Now 4.5

Hi group!!

Sorry with my english… i’m spanish…

I have a Liteon 811S and burned a dvd-r with a buckup of a dvd video… but I forgot to choose TAO closed and now… i can’t play this copy on my daewoo 9000s player…in PC-DVD player its all ok…

Can I closed this dvd-r after burned?

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Yes. Copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive. Then reburn the folder to a DVD-R using RecordNow (with the closed option this time).

but… reburn in other dvd-r or in same dvd-r that i forgot to closed?

i would like to close the dvd-r that i forgot to closed…


Use a new dvd-r.

i would like to closed the dvd-r taht i forgotten… i know that if i burn in other dvd-r i need to choose “TAO Clased”… i burned 3 dvd-r yet and all Ok…

its impossible to close a dvd-r burned?



It is possible to close it.

I had the same problem a few times.

What i did is .

Open Nero.
Select continue Multisession.
It will give you the session on the dvd. Select.
Then it will say that it was not burned by nero. Just hit ok.
Then another question will follow. Just hit ok.
Then you have the possibity to add files. Don’t!!.
Just hit burn.
make sure the Close DVD button is on.
It will burn a few secs and then i could read it in mydvd player.

If this does not work, it means you can’t save the DVD anymore.

It worked for me though.