I need to catalog MUCH faster

Well I downloaded one of those CD catalogue programs (WhereIsIt or something like that) and it was absolutely dreadful. Took far too long and didn’t even finish. With all the DVDs I have, cataloguing should not take long at all.

All I wanted the program to do was read the DVDs in the drive, and then output all of their filenames and sizes (info about the file, basically) into some kind of text file. Later on I’d be able to search through this massive library of data to locate files on DVDs without having to waste time putting in each DVD.

Can someone please tell me if there’s a program or process that could do this fast? Or some kind of batch script? I KNOW it shouldn’t take longer than 1 minute per DVD, it’s not like I’m copy and pasting files or anything.

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I have no idea how much fast (or slow) is, but take a look at this


I KNOW it shouldn’t take longer than 1 minute per DVD, it’s not like I’m copy and pasting files or anything.

It really depends on how much data is on the disc, the more files the longer it’s going to take to create a database. You may want to consider this one too because it’s free for home use; Disk Explorer

I use three different free ones (they display and have search functions slightly different from one another and act as back up to each other) but my use has fallen off since none of them will catalogue a “standard DvD”–I think they just show vob files. For clarity–they all catalogue DvD Data Disks but not DvD formatted video disks.

My default position has been entering all the movie names on a spreadsheet. Works pretty well and workable search function, but I’d use a free program as well if I knew what worked? /// bobbo.

Thank you guys for directing me to those links. I will install and try these out and return with the news.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I use a disc cataloguing program myself (WhereIsIt), and I know that it can take an awful amount of time cataloguing a disc with thousands of files, because the CD/DVD drive will be using most of the time searching for the files instead of just reading them sequentially.

The way I avoid this is to first make an ISO “image” of the CD/DVD and store it on my harddrive, and then use a Virtual CD/DVD drive emulator such as Alcohol 120% to “mount” the image, and then I can catalogue the disc much faster.

Any Virtual CD/DVD drive emulator should be able to do the job, but you also need a tool to create the ISO image from disc (by reading the disc sequentially). There are several tools that can do this, and the freeware version of IsoBuster is one such tool, and Alcohol 120% can also do it, but I personally prefer to use the commercial UltraISO program instead.

Nero Cover designer will also help you with this (if it’s just a matter of a disc label, or Jewel Box Labeller.

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I like this http://www.smartcdcatalog.com