I need to burn 3 movies to 1 disc

Basically i have 3 two hr movies in avi format. Want I want to do is put all 3 movies on to 1 disc. Is this possible and what software is best.


Yes, it’s possible. Just burn them as data files using ImgBurn in ‘Build’ mode, or Nero burning ROM.

Use a CD or DVD, as appropriate.

I guess you didn’t understand my question.

I want to convert them to dvd format and play on my dvd player.

I use a standalone DVD Player with Divx > standalone DVD Recorder to convert and copy. Three full movies could be 6 total hours so I use EP 6 hour mode.
DVD Player RCA DRC257N
DVD Recorder Panasonic DMR ES15

It helps if you provide all the information to start with :wink:

Try ConvertXtoDVD, or DVD Santa, or NeroVision… If you want free tools then have a look on Videohelp.com, where there is a search facility to find programs that will go from AVI -> DVD.

Here’s a starter for ten: http://www.videohelp.com/guides?searchtext=&tools=&madeby=&formatconversionselect=AVI+to+DVD&howtoselect=%3B&orderby=Date&listall=1&hits=25&archive=0&search=Search+or+List+Guides

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